CNCC Resident housing contract - Terms and Conditions of occupancy

This is a legal and binding document with financial obligations.

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I. Terms of this contract

A. Applicability
- Housing and associated meal plans are offered to full-time students enrolled in a Colorado Northwestern Community College certificate or degree seeking program. The signer of this contract, as a full-time student (taking 12 or more credit hours per semester), agrees to reside on the campus of Colorado Northwestern Community College and enters into this Residence Housing Contract ("Contract") with the "Residence Life Department.” Upon acceptance of this Contract by the Residence Life Department, it is legally binding on the Residence Life Department and the Resident. The Resident must abide by the terms and conditions of the Contract including, but not limited to, the obligation to pay all amounts due for the full Contract term. The residence halls schedule of rates, all CNCC publications, Employee Handbook, policies and procedures, and the Student Handbook are incorporated herein and made part of this Contract by reference. This Contract is for the named Resident only and may not be assigned to another party.

B. Eligibility
- All freshman Residents who are single, under 21 years of age, and not residing with their parents, guardians, or close relatives in the Rangely area are encouraged to live on campus. All Student Athletes who are on a scholarship provided by the college are required to live in the residence halls. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Dean of Student Support Services.

C. Admission
- Acceptance of this Contract does not constitute or guarantee admission to Colorado Northwestern Community College. Assignment to on-campus housing and liability for any amounts due hereunder except the application fee are conditional upon final acceptance for admission by the College. Acceptance of this Contract does not guarantee that the Resident will be assigned to on-campus housing. Qualified Residents for whom space is not available will be placed on a waiting list and notified of this status. A Resident who is not assigned to on-campus housing will not be liable for any amounts due hereunder except the application fee.

II. Duration of the contract Trem

A. Academic Semester
- The terms and conditions of this Contract are in effect for the duration the Resident resides on the campus and maintains full time status. The Residence Life Department will terminate any contract on the last day of an academic semester if not otherwise provided notice by the Resident that they will continue to reside in the residence halls. This Contract shall remain in full force and effect for each semester the Resident resides on the campus. Residents must provide written notification to the Residence Life Department by the last day of the semester if the Resident is going to continue to reside on campus. The Contract ends on the last day of the semester unless the Residence Life Department has received written notification otherwise. Failure to notify the Residence Life Department of continued residence by the deadline terminates the conditions of the contract and the Resident must immediately vacate the Residence Halls on the last day of the semester. Residents who fail to provide written notification and then decide to continue residency will have to reapply and provide a new deposit and will lose any preferential housing status including availability.

B. Recess Periods
- Housing is not provided during the fall (Thanksgiving), winter (Christmas), and spring breaks unless otherwise provided for through the Athletic Department for student athletes only. The college can arrange housing for Residents who have extraordinary circumstances during these breaks, provided the Resident agrees in writing to pay any associated charges, meal costs and agrees to housing that may not be on campus and may cost more than rates charged for on-campus housing and meals

III. Application/Room/Access

A. Application
Housing Applications with a signed contract are processed regardless of the status of the Resident's admission to the College. If admission to the College is denied, it is the Resident's responsibility to notify in writing the Residence Life Department and housing assignment will be canceled. Failure to notify the Residence Life Department will result in the forfeiture of deposit in accordance with Sections IV of this Contract.

B. Room Assignment
- The Residence Life Department assigns rooms and roommates without regard to race, religion, disability, or national origin. Assignment priority is based on date of receipt of the CNCC Housing Application Form and Resident Housing Contract accompanied by the $200 housing deposit.

C. Room Preferences
- Assignments to preferred rooms are contingent upon availability and are not guaranteed. If the desired space is not available, the Resident will be assigned to any available space. This Contract will not be terminated if the desired space is unavailable. Requests for roommates can be sent to and should be submitted simultaneously by both parties.

D. Reassignments
- The College reserves the right to make temporary assignments and to assign or reassign accommodations for the benefit of the College, the Resident, or a living unit.

E. Room Changes
- Room changes must be authorized by the Residence Life Department after written application for change is received.

F. Access to Rooms
- The College shall at all times retain legal ownership and ultimate possession and control of the Resident's room and/or College property assigned to such room. The Residence Life Department reserves the right to maintain and preserve the residence halls. The Resident hereby understands and agrees that Residence Life personnel and/or College facilities personnel may enter the Resident's room at any time for safety inspections, maintenance, cleaning, inventory, emergencies, pest control, occupancy verification, welfare status, potential serious conduct violations, and/or general repair. Residence Life will give notification of entering the Residents room or will have received a notification or concern giving probable cause to enter the room before entering said room. The Resident hereby authorizes Residence Life personnel to allow any law enforcement officer access to the Resident's room when the officer possesses a facially valid search or arrest warrant./dd>

IV. Rates/Deposits/Refunds

A. Payment
- The Resident is responsible for payment of all required rents, deposits, and fees. Payments must be received before or on due dates. No refunds of room or board are granted if the Resident checks in late. The Resident is liable for all applicable rates, deposits, and fees due for the full term of this Contract regardless of occupancy.

B. Deposit Use
- The deposit is a reservation fee and Contract agreement. Since the deposit is a Contract and reservation security rather than a cleaning/damage deposit, charges cannot be made against the deposit during the Contract term. The deposit is not a rental payment and is not included in the rental amount. At the end of the Contract term, the deposit shall be used to pay outstanding bills due Residence Life Department resulting from damage and/or sanctions imposed for which the Resident is responsible. If the Resident contracts to return to on-campus housing, the deposit may be extended as the reservation fee for the contract extension. The Resident will be billed for any cleaning/damage charges if the deposit is extended.

C. Deposit Amount
- The housing deposit for this Contract is $200.

D. Deposit Refund
- A Resident's housing deposit will be refunded if all provisions of this Contract have been complied with and no cleaning/damage charges have been assessed. The deposit will be refunded promptly after termination of the Contract if written notice of cancellation (required Checkout Form is sufficient) of this Contract is completed when a Resident moves out.

V. Contract Termination by the college.

A. Failure to pay
- Residents failing to pay any installment of rent or other charges when due, may at the College's option, be assessed the penalties set forth in Section X hereof in addition to the College's other remedies hereunder. Failure to pay housing charges when due will also result in a hold being placed on the Resident's official transcript and prevent subsequent registration at the College.

B. Violation of Rules
- Noncompliance with the rules and regulations of the residence halls, College policies, local laws, or federal and state laws, where applicable, and damage from fire, smoke, or other causes making the premises unlivable caused by the Resident may result in this Contract being terminated and the Resident being evicted from housing. If the termination of this Contract is based upon a disciplinary action, the Resident shall remain liable for all room and board charges due hereunder for the then current semester. Moreover, no previously paid room or board charge or deposit shall be refunded to the Resident in such case. In addition, or as an alternative to terminating this Contract, the College and Residence Life Department reserve the right to pursue the disciplinary procedures specified in the CNCC Student Handbook for violations of the codes of conduct.

C. Withdrawal from School
- A Resident must vacate institutional housing and cease using facilities after they withdraw, are withdrawn, or drop out from CNCC.

VI. Contract Termination by the Resident

A. Contract Termination
- A Resident may terminate this Contract at any time provided the Resident notifies the Residence Life Department in writing 48 hours before the date of check-out, if leaving before the end of the semester. If a Resident terminates this Contract prior to the end of the Contract term (end of the semester in which they notified the college they were going to reside), they will forfeit their housing deposit and have to pay all applicable fees prorated for the period of the semester they resided in the residence halls as outlined in Section X.

B. Termination due to cause
- A Resident who withdraws from the College for one of the following reasons will be charged a prorated rent based on days of occupancy: (1) graduation, (2) marriage, (3) military, or (4) medical reasons. The Resident must give the Residence Life Department advance written notice of check-out in accordance with the preceding subsection and provide satisfactory verification of the reasons for withdrawal within 30 days after termination of occupancy. If the Resident fails to provide such verification, the rent due will be as outlined in Section X. Graduation withdrawal requires verification of graduation from the Records Office. Marriage withdrawal requires a photocopy of the signed marriage license. Military withdrawal requires a photocopy of military orders and withdrawal from CNCC. Medical withdrawal requires the signed approval of a licensed practicing physician and withdrawal from CNCC.

C. Official checkout
- The Resident is not officially checked out of the residence hall until all of the following occur: (1) all personal property has been removed from the room, (2) the room has been cleaned, and (3) the proper check-out records have been signed and all keys have been turned into the Residence Life Department. Residents who have not completed official check-out will forfeit their housing deposit. The Resident is liable for all housing charges, regardless of occupancy, until the day the Resident properly checks out with an official from Residence Life. A hold may be placed on the Resident's transcript if they move out of the residence halls prior to the end of the Contract period without proper notification and/or authorization. The hold will remain in force until all terms and conditions of this Contract are met.

D. Checkout after occupancy
- Upon official check-out, the Resident agrees to pay the following charges of room rental, board charges, and associated fees. Residents checking out during or before the end of the first week in which the residence halls are open shall pay the following charges: $50 for rent, $75 for meals, $25 for activity fees, and forfeit the $200 housing deposit. The deposit may be released to the student if they met one or more of the requirements mentioned above in B. Residents checking out beginning with the eighth day that the residence halls are open shall pay room and board at the rate of ten percent (10%) of the total semester rate for each week of residence hall occupancy beginning with the semester start date.

VII. Insurance

A. Responsibility
- The College is not responsible for loss, damage, or destruction of the Resident's personal property when residing in the residence halls. Purchasing or arranging for personal property insurance coverage is the Resident's responsibility.

VIII. Resident Responsibilities

A. Standards
- The Resident agrees to obey the residence halls and Collehes rules and regulations and to comply with the terms and conditions of occupancy set forth in the applicable Student Handbook, Employee Handbook, and the policies outlined in CNCC publications, all of which are incorporated in and made a part of this Contract by reference. It is the Resident's responsibility to become familiar with these rules and regulations.

NOTE: Violation of any of the rules and regulations may result in fines, sanctions, probation, termination of this Contract, suspension or expulsion from the College, or any combination thereof.

B. Damages
- The Resident is financially responsible for the cost of replacement or repair of any breakage or damage to his or her room or furnishing or any other damage for which the Resident is responsible.

C. Resident non-compliance
- In the event the Resident fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this Contract, including all rules and regulations incorporated herein by reference, the Residence Life Department may:
  • Cancel this Contract without notice.
  • Serve notice to vacate the premises pursuant to applicable College policies.
  • Take action to recover the cost of damage caused by the Resident and/or his/her guest(s).
  • Utilize any and all remedies which are available, including equitable and legal, judicial, and/or administrative relief.

IX. Food Service

- Residents living in the residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan. No refunds are made for missed meals. Residents evicted from on-campus housing may be allowed to retain their meal plans for the remainder of the semester.

X. Rates, Cancellations, Collections

A. Rates
- The College reserves the right to increase rates for room and food service upon written notice to the Resident, but in no event will the increased rate be charged until the following semester.

B. Collection
- Any collection cost incurred by the College in closing the Resident's account will be assessed to the Resident and will become part of the Resident's total financial obligation to the College. If the account is not satisfied within 30 days after the last day the Resident occupied the residence hall, the account will be sent to a collection agency.

C. No show/cancellation policy
- The Resident must notify the Residence Life Department, in writing, if they will not be attending the College during the semester/year for which they have made application. If proper written notification is not received by the Residence Life Department, the Resident will be charged the following rent and other fees:
  • Residents, who have been assigned to a room and fail to properly notify the Residence Life Department prior to the official opening of the residence halls, shall forfeit the $200 housing deposit.
  • Residents residing in the residence halls, who complete the fall semester and then do not provide notice of continued occupancy or who withdraw from the College for the spring semester, must complete official check-out by the last day the residence halls are open for the fall semester or forfeit the $200 housing deposit.

XI. Right to Refuse Housing

A. Providing Housing
- The College reserves the right to refuse housing to any Resident who has demonstrated an unwillingness to abide by Residence Life Department rules and regulations or who has demonstrated behavior which is incompatible with the maintenance of order and propriety in the residence halls.

XII. Indemnification

A. Indemnify
- To the extent authorized by law, the Resident shall indemnify, save, and hold harmless the College, its employees and agents, against any and all claims, damages, liability, and court awards including costs, expenses, and attorney fees incurred as a result of any act or omission by the Resident pursuant to the terms of this Contract.

XIII. Attorney Fees

A. Legal
- The Resident agrees to pay all court costs and reasonable attorney's fees that may be incurred in enforcement of CNCC rights under this agreement.

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of this Contract on the submittable of a Housing Application Form through the CNCC website or submittable of this form to Residential Life is considered acknowledgement and agreement to the terms of this contract to provide housing.